Patrick Van Horne is an experienced public speaker and has presented on a number of topics. These include:

  • Human behavioral analysis and threat recognition for the military, law enforcement, and security professionals.
  • Applying the concepts used to train our nation’s protectors to prevent workplace and school violence.
  • Connecting the study of nonverbal communication to the improvement of intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination in the military and business environment.
  • Military leadership and its application to the business environment.
  • Entrepreneurship and starting a small business.
  • Roundtable and panel discussions on topics related to security and terrorism.


If you would like Patrick Van Horne to speak at an event you are planning, please send him your contact information and a description of your event to through our Contact page.

Patrick has spoken to a number of groups including:

  • Orange County Intelligence Analysis Center – January 2016
  • WINx Event for Law Enforcement – November 2015
  • California Association of Tactical Officers – September 2015
  • Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – August 2015
  • Texas Tactical Officers Association – April 2015
  • Riverside Country Gang Investigators Association – March 2015
  • Illinois Tactical Officers Association – November 2014
  • Behavioral Analytics Seminar hosted by Summit Security – May 2014
  • Mercy College Homeland Security Symposium – March 2014
  • Solomon Schechter High School – November 2013
  • The Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors – August 2013
  • The Combat Stress Conference – May 2012
  • U.S. State Department’s Overseas Advisory Council (OSAC) – January 2013
  • John Jay College – May 2013 and March 2014

Patrick Van Horne was a Guest Lecturer for “Safety & Security in the Built Environment” this semester. His presentation to Master of Science degree candidates was directly applicable to private sector security operations, with salient points for managers and operations personnel. Key concepts (left of bang, baseline & anomalies, behavioral domains) were delivered in a manner for rapid understanding and utilization.

I look forward to further academic and professional projects with Patrick and anticipate success for The CP Journal.

John Friedland – Adjunct Professor At John Jay College